The Rookery

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Welcome to The Beastiary, here we will discussion different types of merfolk you may encounter on this site. If you are unsure of what you are, or who you will become; read this section. We will be providing the diet, location, and other interesting facts about each breed of water folk. 

The Mermaid / Merman.

Mermaids are likely the most well known of all the the water folk. They come in every color you can imagine, and live in almost every environment. From the tropics to the arctics, this lovely ladies and men can survive. Depending on where they live, mermaids can live off of fish, fruit, or even humans. Depending on the mer's environment, their tails can either be very colorful in nature or very plain. 

The Cecaelia / Octomaid

Cecaelia are half human half octopus/squid creatures known to inhabit much of the world. Though he live in many places that mermaids do, Cecaelias tend not to like the surface and mostly live in the deeper waters on the ocean. Unlike mermaids, many types of octomaids are able to change their color underwater to seem near invisible underwater. Cecaelias are known to each all sea creatures, including mermaids and other water folk.

The Selkie

A Selkie is either a seal/sea lion that can remove it's skin to be human on land, a half human half seal/sea lion creature, or a mixture of both. Selkies tend to live closer to land than the other sea creatures, though they do sometimes migrate through the ocean. These creatures can live in all environments, as long as it's reasonably close to land. Selkies eat mainly fish, crustaceans, and ocean vegetation. Unlike mermaids, Selkies are able to remove their skin on land to become a full human. If a man or woman is said to find these skins, the Selkie will no longer be able to return to sea and must live as the man/woman's husband or wife. 

The Kelpie

A kelpie is a half horse, half fish creature that can take the form of a horse or a beautiful man/woman on land. They mainly live in fresh water though can live in salt water if need be. Kelpies eat almost anything, including land creatures. It is said that kelpies lured men and small children into the water by pretending to be a lost pony and letting the human ride them into the water, or seducing them into the water as a beautiful man or woman.  It is also said that a Kelipe's hair is always dripping wet and can never be dried. 

The Nymph

Nymph is a minor nature deity that come in five major types;  Celestial Nymphs, Water Nymphs, Land Nymphs, Plant Nymphs, and Underworld Nymphs. Water Nymphs are spirits of water and can live in any type. It is said that though Nymphs are not immortal, if they mate with a god they can give birth to an immortal creature. Water Nymphs mainly eat vegetation and fish.